I (Ai - Manoharudu)


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Vikram, Amy Jackson
188 min
A. R. Rahman
V. Ravichandran, D. Ramesh Babu
Release Date
14 Jan, 2015
Watched at
INOX Vizag


Verdict: Magnificent making, brilliant performance by Vikram and stunning visual grandeur for Indian standards, look and sound promising initially. However, it is let down with a routine plot, dragging length and unnecessary commercial elements. What would have been an outstanding film falls short by a few notches for Shankar’s standards.

Cast & Acting: Vikram, Amy Jackson, Suresh Gopi, Upen Patel, Santhanam and other characters are aptly cast. Vikram gives another spell bounding and stellar performance; Amy Jackson with the right quotient of glamor required for the role, impresses with her performance too; Upen is ok and Santhanam fits in. It is just a one man show and Vikram does more than taking the whole plot on his shoulders.

Story & Direction: The plot is the biggest disappointment and gets very predictable and falls short of expectation. The direction is not up to Shankar’s standards with an imbalance between the protagonist and antagonist impacts. Forced song sequences and screenplay is definitely below standard compared to previous films.

Technical & other Elements: Music is ok, cinematography is top notch and art work takes the cake. PC Sreeram deserves a special accolade for the brilliant work done. Visuals and graphics are great and handled well. Editing is a letdown and the run time is definitely a road block. The dialogues are ok and so is the choreography in parts.

Review: Great production values elevate films to a large extent. But sometimes they are not the only things that are sufficient to drive films to the path of success. The trailer and the buzz over the past year and a half has raised expectations of “I” to a large extent. But the film fails to soar up to that standard and hang around. Vikram does an outstanding job in taking the onus onto himself. He is as brilliant as any actor can be and has taken acting standards to a new level. Two factors drive the film to moderate levels. The performance of Vikram and the Technical elements. The various roles as portrayed by Vikram and shown in trailers and teasers, got audiences to expect a story which would be out of the blue. Unfortunately it is very ordinary and fails to impress. The songs are below par and background score is good. The production values and art work create a grandeur that compliments the music to towering peaks. The plot is routine and so is the screenplay which gets predictable and boring at intervals. The songs are a visual treat but they don’t really sync with the flow and seem out of place. In many ways, it deviates from the flow and the lengthy film gets even lengthier with their misplacement. A few scenes throughout the film make it dull and unworthy to not face the scissor. The budget spent on the film is a mere waste and the production values are pretty unnecessary for the kind of plot. Overall, barring Vikram's acting, the movie falls flat and fails to convince.


Vikram in 3 roles

Visual treat (Art work and CGI in pockets)

Amy Jackson and her impressive performance

Songs and background music


Story & predictable narration


Dragging screenplay especially in the second half

Action scenes


Ignore the hype, trailers and all that was heard and read about until now. Just watch the film like any other film and there is a chance you might enjoy the film with disturbances in between in the form of songs. It will not match some expectations regarding the story or screenplay, but the visual and technical opulence make up in bits for the lost parts. An average flick which might not make it to the top.


Reviewed by Peter. K


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