Gopala Gopala


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Kishore Kumar Pardasany
Daggubati Venkatesh, Pawan Kalyan, Shriya Saran
153 min
Anoop Rubens
Daggubati Suresh Babu, Sharat Marar
Release Date
10 Jan, 2015
Watched at
INOX Vizag


Verdict: The official remake of Hindi “Oh My God”, this Pawan Kalyan, Venkatesh film blends in composed acting from Pawan and Venkatesh with a great concept that over powers stardom and stays strong as a conceptual film. Watching this film with Pawan Kalyan’s stardom set aside, will make this movie a great watch.

Caution: Though it is an official remake, this film needs to be watched in solidarity without any comparison.

Cast & Acting: With a lot of viewers in AP having seen the Hindi version “Oh My God”, convincing them with the same concept would have been difficult if not for the choice of actors. Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh take it on their shoulders and swim through with tremendous ease. The supporting cast in Shriya, Mithun Chakraborty, Posani Krishnamurali, Krishnudu are aptly cast and do well.

Story & Direction: It’s a direct lift off from the Hindi version with almost negligible changes. The director Kishore Kumar does a neat job is retaining the aspects as is with very minor additions and changes (could have been avoided though). The retention of characterization and the main theme, is the biggest asset of the film. The direction is neat in most parts and having to incorporate a few graphic elements and a couple of forced scenes could have been avoided. The sets and locations are not well shot.

Technical Elements: Background score is great and the songs are ok. Anoop Rubens does a great job in elevating the tempo of the film with soothing music. Editing is just about ok but could have been better. It gets a tad lengthy in places. Dialogues are well scripted and is an asset. Some of the scenes could have been chopped off. Cinematography is good. Choreography is neat and so are the costumes which fit the film aptly. Sets and art design are poor and appear very artificial.

Review: Venkatesh does a neat job and suits the role well. His action in emotional scenes and dramatic ones are natural but the intensity in some scenes is lost which is more to do with the director. The unbelievable part is Pawan Kalyan’s performance. The all energetic hero gets abstemious and composed and he brings in a lot of pacifying panache and consecration to the character, with a perfect balance required for the role. He is brilliant to watch and his dialogues add to the gentle intensity. There are no scenes for fans to whistle around but his acting at most scenes gives a rare sense of solemnity required for the role. Shriya suits her role and also plays it well in spite of her short on screen presence. The plot gets the biggest nod and this is one such film where the content steals the show ahead of the stardom or commercial elements. The direction could have better. Some unwanted scenes were added to this version and they were not shot with the same panache as the rest of the scenes which are adopted from the Hindi version. They looked forced and baseless. Bhaje Bhaje song is a treat to watch with its grandieur and performances. The regular story setting and backdrop appears grand but very lame and too artificial. It is practically difficult to shoot in original locations with stars of this stature; but that eventually compromises the outlook of the film. Dialogues are heavy, impressive and are mind pricking. They raise questions in everyone’s mind and gets them to keep thinking about the concept. CGI is decent but in most parts is unnecessary and could have been avoided.



Pawan Kalyan & Venkatesh and their performance

Lasting effect of the concept



Run time and editing

2-3 forced and unnecessary scenes


Watch the film without the stardom of lead actors in mind and it will be a treat to watch. The concept is great and keeps a normal human guessing. Great message to take away and balanced by great performances by all. Don’t miss the film.


Reviewed by Peter. K


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