Raghuvaran B.Tech


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Dhanush, Amala Paul
133 min
Anirudh Ravichander
Release Date
1 Jan, 2014
Watched at
INOX Vizag


Verdict: Can consider this film as the first hit for Dhanush in Telugu. A semi commercial film with an above average plot, good direction and performances by actors. Dhanush steals the show with ease and plays his role with immense reality and conviction. Watch it without expectations and it will leave no disappointment.

Review: Sad but true that Dhanush hadn’t had a really good run in the Telugu film world. This is his 50th official film and 7-8 previous films have been dubbed into Telugu with no great taste of success in Andhra. This one turns the table around and gives him the much deserved success in spite of this film not being the best he has done so far. Dhanush, Amala Paul, Samuthirakani, Saranya, Vivek and Surabhi do well in their respective roles.

Story & Direction: The director ensured that he did not retain this film to an art film like a lot of Dhanush’s previous films which relied heavily on the subject, naturality and acting abilities. This one is a semi commercial one which is close to being natural but attracts the masses too with convincing twists, commercial elements and comedy. The plot revolves around a supposedly good for nothing protagonist who is unsuccessful in getting a job while his younger brother settles in a corporate MNC. Hell bent on wanting to join the profession related to his academics, he whiles the rest of his time apart from searching for jobs and eventually being stamped by all as fit for nothing. The portrayal of this character is natural to this extent post which the commercial twists take their position. The next phase of the movie gets filmy with its stereotyped mass masala action, songs, comedy and dramatic scenes. This would seem normal and predictable for some viewers but the director does well in retaining the interest of the viewers. Comedy is decent and no separate sub plot is created for the same.

Technical Elements: Music is decent and compliments the film well. The cinematography is neat. Editing is fine and the length of the film, though small could have been trimmed by another 5-7 minutes. Action is unnecessary, syncs with the mannerism but does not go well with the build of the hero. Dialogues are an asset to the film with its subtle humor and smooth sarcasm.


Dhanush and his acting

Music and Background score


Dialogues and humor

The run time


Dragging second half in bits

Too commercial in the second half

Predictable second half

Imbalanced characters in second half


Watch the film with no great expectations. It is neither commercial nor an art film. It satisfies the taste buds of both audiences alike. A decent watch this new year.


Reviewed by Peter. K


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