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Rajkumar Hirani
Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Sushant Singh
153 min
Ajay Atul, Shantanu Moitra, Ankit Tiwari
Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Rajkumar Hirani
Release Date
19 Dec, 2014
Watched at
INOX, Vizag


Verdict: An entertainer that is worth the time and effort; but a little below Rajkumar Hirani’s and Aamir’s standards. Watch it without preconceived notions and you will love it.

Review: Aamir has raised the bar of Indian cinema in several ways be it acting, producing or directing. Rajkumar Hirani through his previous ventures has provided successful entertainers. Their combination after 3 Idiots has raised the bar very high. This film falls a tad short of that expectation but still entertains for most parts.

There is very little to complain from an acting standpoint. Aamir is at his best, Anushka Sharma balances well, Sushant Singh impresses, Sanjay Dutt plays his small part well and so did the others. Within the scope provided to the actors, all of them do well and contribute to the film’s smooth run.

The story is good from an origination stand point but ends up seeming like an extension of Oh My God film at the crux. It is very difficult to have films with complete originality and hence the look alike feeling of the film’s intent can be ignored. The treatment is still decent and Rajkumar did ok to establish authenticity to the story line. But it could have been better handled as some incidents and concepts look very similar to what were seen in OMG. Continuity problems crept in at a couple of places and looked amateurish. The second half dragged a bit with some unnecessary scenes and inclusions.

What steals the show is the subtle humorous manner in which satires are thrown at Godmen, religious beliefs and practices followed by humans. Rajkumar does a tremendous job in retaining the amusing aspect just so that no sentiments and religious beliefs of anyone are hurt. We are sure of the negative implications to the film if such topics are not dealt carefully in our country. But that also goes against the film’s great intent. At the end it turns out to be a mere event of melodrama between the lead characters and the impulse of a rather universal problem about Godmen and other religious practices that are malicious to human harmony, dilutes towards the end of the film (that would have been the director’s intent too).

Music is just about ok but compliments the film well. Editing is neat but this could have been a 140 minutes film instead of the 153 minutes one. Cinematography is neat. The CG looks good for most part but could have been more realistic at the crucial parts. Choreography and costumes are good and fit the script aptly. Bhojpuri Hindi spoken in most part of the film, might invite some effort from some audiences to comprehend.


Aamir’s performance along with other star cast

Neat flow and premise

Great balance between the bold subject and its humorous representation


Dragging parts in the second half

Resemblance to OMG in several aspects

Swaying plot and indefinite focus points


Keep prior opinions aside and watch the film. It has its flaws and not a perfect one like previous Aamir’s films. But is still worth the watch and the audience will be entertained.


Reviewed by Peter. K


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