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Christopher Nolan
Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway
169 min
Hans Zimmer
Emma Thomas, Lynda Obst
Release Date
07 Nov, 2014
Watched at
INOX Vizag


Verdict: One of the best movies we would have seen in the recent past. Worm Holes, Gravitational Time dilation, Space and gravitational singularities and such scientific and space oriented subjects may prove irrelevant to some people, but this film still ends up being a great one both for its technical superiority and also for dealing with a superior complex subject.

Review: The film revolves around the lead character travelling in a space ship against his daughter’s wish through a worm hole to venture for habitable planets. Having reached the edge of survival on Earth, humans need to migrate to another or have to rebuild on another planet. The search for one such planet, the issues when they land on these planets and the scientific strides constitute the film.

Complex as it may seem, this film instead of vividly basing itself on some fictitious script, relies more on the closest possible scientific theory which can be portrayed as realistically as possible. The film outclasses many of its sort, both for its technical brilliance and for a convincing script that seems realistic even for experts from a similar field. Great screenplay, storyline, acting and CG makes this a great film and very little to criticize.

Only two aspects might drag it down for some audiences. Too slow and dragging at times which is needed for the concepts to sink in and the very heavy subject which requires audiences to either know the concept scientifically or apply their minds completely. It takes a toll on common audiences given the fact that most movies are watched for entertainment purposes.

Don’t miss it. One of the best films to have released this year.


Reviewed by Peter. K


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