Exodus: Gods and Kings


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Ridley Scott
Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, John Turturro
150 min
Alberto Iglesias
Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping
Release Date
5 Dec, 2014
Watched at
INOX, Vizag


Verdict: A film based on one of the most famous biblical tales needs a complete new story telling technique to create its own identity; tiding over the epic super hit previously made Ten Commandments. That is exactly what Ridley Scott would have intended. Sadly, the film falls short of convincing the audience.

Review: A historical film based on the biblical tale of how a Hebrew born Egyptian prince liberates the Hebrew slaves and the birth of the Ten Commandments won several accolades and awards in 1956. This remake fails to deliver the impulsive treatment it demands. The film as told before, is devoid of miraculous things being projected as works of God. Ridley Scott along with the script writers kept the film as realistic as possible. Every extraordinary incident was lame, lacks the soul and intensity required for the film and do not bring the flair required for Moses to have.

The film was supposed to be a historic biblical chapter of Moses’ epic act of liberating the Hebrew slaves with the help of God and so should it appear on screen to convince the audiences. But the film lingers around thin line of being unable to convince the believers and also the non-believers.

Christian Bale isn’t convincing enough as Moses and a lot of work should have been done in making him appear like the lead.

It sums up to be a weak remake and does not live up to the hype it created. Should have done better at keeping it more lively and more Godly than humanly.


Reviewed by Peter. K


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