Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1


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Francis Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth
123 min
James Newton Howard
Nina Jacobson, Jon Kilik
Release Date
28 Nov, 2014
Watched at
INOX, Vizag


Verdict: The film has its moments but isn’t any better than its predecessor films. And for everyone who haven’t seen the earlier Hunger Games films, this one leaves you with ample set of questions. Watch it if you embraced the hunger games series positively but you might still find yourself asking for more.

Review: Caught between the teen dominated action-drama of the previous instalments and aiming at a more mature political revolutionary film, the lead character Jennifer Lawrence looks better than a teenager as in the previous films, but the film falls short of projecting her as an iconic revolutionist. This film should have been condensed into one instalment. Asking for more from a film has to happen out of acceptance that a well-made concept can be seen even if stretched. But in this case, some audiences might still await the final instalment not with a notion that this film left any great premise but just that the bench mark set by the previous hunger games films has been high. Capitalizing on the commercial success of the hunger games series is the only grand reason that can be perceived out of this dragging, clueless and aimless film. The film goes on and on without any significant twists or even a proposition. That leaves the audience waiting for the final instalment with more hope-filled resentment than any eagerness.

In all, Mocking Jay hasn’t really started. It is yet another year’s wait. It has its visual and emotional impact in a few scenes which are great to watch in its own terms, but only hang around for a short while. And besides, they aren’t enough to make a complete or a good film. The first and the second instalments have decent action, stuffed with balanced emotional elements that captured the audiences. This one has neither of them. Some elements of the rivalry and conflict between the districts and the headquarters which was mild and passive in the first two parts takes center stage in this film but with no great commercial or emotional elements.

Watch the film just so you don’t stay disconnected from the previous instalments and the next year’s final instalment. Ignore the bridging element, this film has nothing great to offer.


Reviewed by Peter. K


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