10 Most loved combinations of Tollywood

 There are a few people who've devoted themselves to the film field and have pledged to provide the best entertainment within their abilities. And if two or more of such committed stars come together, the output is expected to create wonders. While many such combinations have ruled the industry, we have selected a few of them that revolutionized classic and contemporary cinema of Tollywood. They are iconic combinations and some of them still continue to provide the same levels of entertainment. There are a few more and we will keep updating.


1. Sr. NTR, ANR, SVR & Savitri

They have numerous combinations within the four and they acted in various roles across different films. These legendary stars have probably been the most iconic and famous stars of Tollywood. Most films having any of these two stars ended up being great entertainers. They had a great sense of appreciation towards each others’ talents which can be seen clearly in the way they acted together in many films without any inhibitions. They all carried great screen presence and their involvement and inclusion in every character they played redefined acting. They are so convincing with their acting skills that most of their roles along with the names are remembered even till date.


2. Rajendra Prasad, Naresh & Jandhyala


Jandhyala made 6 films with Rajendra Prasad and 10 films with Naresh. One of the best directors of the Telugu film industry, Jandhyala Subramanya Sastry has revolutionized comedy films in Tollywood. His characters with their stamped peculiar mannerisms are still memorized and invite giggles even by mere memory. While Rajendra Prasad began his career otherwise, it’s only fair to admit that his career as a comedian hero has been stabilized by Jandhyala. Naresh on the other hand can owe his career and its fame to Jandhyala alone. While both the actors are amazingly talented, Jandhyala remained one of the best directors to have extracted the best out of them. His absence is long felt and contemporary cinema would never get a replacement for him.


3. Kamal Hassan & K. Viswanath

Through the 3 films they worked together, they sensationalized acting and directing abilities bagging the most awards a director and actor can get. Kamal Hassan is undoubtedly one of the best actors of the south if not the best. Every director loves to work with him and he justifies any role that is given to him. K. Viswanath on the other hand, got him these roles in the three films that Kamal would have been lucky to have played, and vice versa, they would not have been justified any better by any other actor of that time. The close-to-reality artistic director in K.Viswanath let Kamal display his dancing and acting abilities. Movie lovers still wish for such movies from these great artists.


4. Rao Gopala Rao & Allu Ramalingaiah


Their combination in countless films has set trends on how villains and comedians can together entertain audiences of all genres. In most films Rao Gopala Rao played the ruthless base-voiced intelligent antagonist supported by the pessimistic assistant played by Allu Ramalingaiah, who at most times predicts the antagonist’s defeat in the hands of the protagonists but always sticks to his side at all times with his irritating satirical one liners. The audience also had the fortune of watching them play a lot of other roles leaving a lasting effect as an entertaining combination. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s this combination entertained audiences with their comic timing and acting abilities.



 5. Chiranjeevi & Radha


Megastar of Tollywood, Chiranjeevi acted in 149 films so far out of which 16 of them had Radha playing the female lead. Both actors were at their career peaks when they played lead casts in films together. Though not a Telugu speaking heroine, Radha always looked comfortable in Telugu films. Chiranjeevi and Radha had a few things in common; very good actors, high on spirit and energy, terrific dancers and possessed immaculate comedy timing. The combination is worth discussing from a point of view that Chiranjeevi had very few actresses who could compete with him in acting and dancing together. Being renowned as one of the most prolific dancing top heroes in India during his era, most female leads often found it tough to dance with Chiranjeevi. Radha not only did well alongside but danced so smoothly that she made it look like there was no better combination for Chiranjeevi.


6. Rajasekar & Sai Kumar


Most of us would have been unsure if Rajasekhar, a tamilian by birth, would have had a strong second-half career in the Telugu film industry, if not for the powerful backing provided by Sai Kumar through his voice. Sai Kumar, the dubbing artist turned actor, is well known in Telugu & Kannada as an actor but more for his base voice, diction and clarity in dialogue delivery. He was the dubbing artist for Rajasekhar for almost all films in the latter half of Rajasekhar’s career. The voice over from Sai Kumar coupled with his acting, earned Rajasekhar the title as the angry young man of Tollywood.


7. Venkatesh & Soundarya


Venkatesh and Soundarya acted in just 5 films together. Their combination as a percentage of the total films they acted might be minor, but their combination left a long-standing effect in the hearts of the movie lovers. Venkatesh always had this strong inclination towards family oriented stories and who else but Soundarya looked better as the traditional Telugu girl-next-door suiting the female lead in those movies. Except Super Police, all movies thereafter, won accolades for both of them including commercial success for the films. Bagging awards for individual performances has been an integral part of the films which had their combination. If she was alive, Tollywood would have probably seen both of them in films again.


8. Ravi Teja & Brahmanandam

Close to 20 films together, they always set the whole theatre rolling in laughter. Ravi Teja, the mass maharaja of Tollywood, is unbeatably the best entertainer in Tollywood. Hyper on energy, his movies entertain crowds to the fullest. Brahmanandam, the guiness record holder for the most screen credits for an actor, is also the best versatile comedian the Indian screen has seen. Their combination explodes with continuous laughter and sets the tempo of the films. From Venki, they have taken entertainment through comedy to an all new level. Audience wait for their films and most of the films they worked together, ended up being thorough entertainers, especially when they share the screen together.


9. SS Rajamouli & MM Keeravani

Keeravani has been accredited as one of the best music directors the Telugu film industry has produced. Rajamouli has not had a single unsuccessful venture out of his 9 films so far and every film of his has either been dubbed or remade in other languages across the country. Keeravani has remained the music director for all the previous nine ventures of Rajamouli. Ignoring the fact that they are related to each other, all the films that they worked together were commercially and musically very successful. Brilliant and perfectionists as they are, their meticulous work ethics have brought individual and mutual success for these artists.


10. Pawan Kalyan & Ali

Never in the history of modern day cinema did a big star like Pawan Kalyan so openly admit that they would always want the presence of another actor. Pawan Kalyan in a recent public ceremony admitted that he preferred having Ali alongside him in all films. Not just as an actor, but as a friend who always supported him when he was down. Well-renowned for boosting the spirit of everyone around, Ali is one of the most versatile comedians in Tollywood. Of the 19 films Pawan Kalyan acted in, Ali featured in 13 of them either as the hero’s alliance or friend. Most of the films are blockbusters and the comedy scenes between Pawan Kalyan and Ali have provided exhilarating entertainment and we wish they continue to.